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Halloween Interactive Glyphs

I love glyphs and I love using glyphs with my students. I think it’s a fun way to get your students to think about questions and reflect on them. Their answers make their glyphs different than their classmates. My interactive glyphs don’t have questions like “Are you a girl or boy?” They have more thoughtful questions like “What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?” “Do you like to carve pumpkins?” For my Halloween Interactive Glyphs, there are four glyphs. Each glyph has 10 different questions for students to answer.

Halloween Interactive Glyph 2

Another great thing about my interactive glyphs is there are writing prompts and pages for students to use. They can write their essays based on their feelings about the glyph questions. I think it’s really fun for students to write, read and do art all at the same time! The best thing about my glyphs is that I haven’t seen anything like them at all! So, your students and their parents will be pleased with a unique activity.

Halloween Interactive Glyph 1

If you’d like more information about my Halloween Interactive Glyphs, click here: Halloween Interactive Glyphs

Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the air – I can literally smell it when I walk into the stores. I smell the spiced brooms they have for sale and all of the pumpkin flavored food! It’s not fall yet, but it’s just around the corner. I have to admit that autumn is my favorite season. I love all of the holidays and the decorations. But, most importantly, I love the cooler weather. It gets hot, hot in Florida in the summer.

Last year I created these fun Fall Interactive Glyphs. These glyphs are great for students to learn how to follow directions, create artwork and even practice essay writing. Each of my interactive glyph packets come with four complete glyphs. There are 10 questions per glyph that are seasonally or holiday-themed. This interactive glyph is filled with autumn-themed questions. Students will create their artwork based on their answers to these questions. After they finish their glyphs, there is a writing prompt where they can practice writing based on all of the information they gathered. It’s a great introspective activity.

Fall Interactive Glyph 2

If you like what you see here, click here to get more information about my glyphs: Fall Interactive Glyphs

Fall Interactive Glyph 1

Back to School Interactive Glyphs

Looking for something different to do with your students? Try my interactive glyphs. I don’t think I’ve ever seen anything quite like these before. It’s a glyph and coloring sheet combined. Students are asked questions and depending on what they answer will dictate what they color or write in that section of the picture.

There are four different pictures and four different pages filled with 10 questions each. Also, after your students finish their glyphs, they can write essays based on their answers with the provided writing sheets.

interactive glyph BTS3

These would work really well as a Back to School Ice Breaker! It will help your students explore themselves, as well as figure out more information about their classmates.

interactive glyph BTS2

Here’s a picture of my niece with her own interactive glyphs that she created. She was so proud of her work.

interactive glyph BTS

If you want more information about these glyphs click here: Back to School Interactive Glyphs

Three Ways to Promote Writing

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate students to write. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth in my opinion. Through my years, I’ve come up with three ways to help promote writing with students and help them to succceed.

#1 – Create a nice atmosphere for students to write in. I have to admit I got this one from my mother who taught for over 35 years. She would play music in her language arts classes during the time when students were supposed to be writing, during their daily journals and other writing time as well. Her students got used to that time and became accustomed to it. When the music started they played. She did this for her elementary students as well as her high school students. Both age ranges loved it.

#2 – Try to have students write daily. This goes back to the first reason in the fact that students will get used to the routine of writing. You can have writing prompts during bell work time or they can simply have a journal that they write in and have free writing time.

#3 – Make Writing Fun. Writing can be boring depending on the topic, so keep topics fun and change them. Also, try to add a little art with writing for extra creativity. I created some fun frames for just this – fun frames writing printables. Students can write and color at the same time. These look great on the bulletin board!


Students can write and much or as little as they like! There is a lot of space given so they can really express how they are feeling.



Click here to learn more about my fun frames: fun frames

Interactive Notebooks for Middle School

A lot of people think that interactive notebooks are only for elementary students because older students don’t like to color and cut out things, but I have to disagree. I think we need to remember that even if you students are in middle school or even high school they are still kids. Interactive notebooks are a good time to get away from technology and go back to the basics of cutting, pasting, and creating their own learning masterpiece.


Not only does it help students learn without technology, it also helps them to be more confident. They can look back and reflect throughout the year to see all of the skills they’ve accomplished.


They can look at things differently than they would normally look at it. It brings out the creativity in students.


Also some activities can be done in pairs or groups to help students learn to work cooperatively.


Allow your students to be kids again and try out interactive notebooks in your class.
Here’s my newest interactive notebook: Interactive Writing Notebook for 7th grade


An April Writing Activity

A writing worksheet for AprilSpring is finally here! And the month of April is just around the corner. It’s one of my favorite months, with flowers blooming, celebrations for Easter and Earth Day, and a general upswing in peoples’ moods. It’s great to see the rebirth of our planet in action, with saplings growing, trees budding, and colorful flowers sprouting from the ground.

Here’s a free downloadable PDF worksheet for your classroom for April, featuring a poem I wrote to celebrate the month! Please let me know what you think about the worksheet – if you like it, I’ll make more for future months. The download for the PDF can be found at the bottom of the post.

As always, we really appreciate your downloading and using our activities with your students, and sharing our site with others. Thank you! It means a lot to us!

Fun Common Core math activities for the classroom

The Crawfords' Big Book of Math-tivities - Common CoreWe’re very excited about our new book, The Crawfords’ Big Book of Math-tivities, filled with Common Core-aligned activities for mathematics for grades K-2. We’ve worked hard to come up with fun activities for the classroom – things that students will enjoy when it comes time for math class. Activities include:

  • Mathbooking, a creative take on math journal prompts
  • Goofy Glyphs, an engaging and potentially silly glyph activity
  • new ideas for incorporating the joy and energy of holidays and seasons into your math teaching
  • fun ideas for puzzles and games
  • ideas for teaching math outdoors
  • unique ways to combine math with storytelling

Instructions and helpful tips for using these activities can be found in the book, as well as ready-to-use example activities included with each chapter.

Check it out, and please let us know what you think!

April writing worksheet

Here’s the free writing activity for April. I hope you have a wonderful month!