Learning about Iceland

Iceland is a country that I’m extremely interested in. I love the fact that so many people from Iceland believe in elves. I mean don’t we all kind of want to believe in elves even if we don’t. I think it’s fun to teach students about these unique things about different cultures, especially through crafts.


We all know that crafts are fun, but writing and reading are obviously more important and my Iceland packet utilize all of these ways to learn about Iceland.


At the end students can process all of the things they’ve learned and write about Iceland. I even have a writing activity where students can compare Iceland to their own country.


Another fun aspect of my Iceland Country Study is that the graphics are original and authentic to the country and culture. I have to admit my favorite part of making country study units is creating the grapics for these printables.


If you’d like to learn more about my Iceland Country Study click here: Iceland Country Study.

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Practicing Math Through Puzzles

I’ve always loved math. From as far back as I can remember, I remember being excited every time it was math time in class. I especially remember loving math when I was in 6th grade. My Math teacher was awesome. She used to teach us math systems from ancient civilizations.

When I became a teacher, I decided that I wanted to be like my 6th grade teacher and really help students to enjoy math. I decided to create some math puzzles to help students enjoy math the way I do.

IMG_9024 (1)

My math puzzles use literacy and art to take math to a new level. They are engaging to students.

IMG_9021 (1)

IMG_9022 (1)

I have math puzzles for grades from 1st to 5th. I also have them for different seasons and holidays like Christmas and Easter.

IMG_9020 (1)

My math puzzles are unique, so your students will get to experience something new.

IMG_9023 (1)

Want to take a closer look? Click here: Math Puzzles


Do you know which city is the capital of Pakistan? It’s Islamabad. This might not have been your first guess since it’s the 9th largest city in the county of Pakistan. The largest city in Pakistan is Karachi.

Pakistan is one of those countries that are extremely interesting to learn about because it’s not traditionally discussed in school. I don’t think I learned about this country until I was in high school. With such a truly global world with the internet and social media, I think it’s important for students to learn about countries like Pakistan because it opens their mind and their world.


When learning about a new country, it’s so important to engage students. My Pakistan printables have crafts, puzzles and a letter from a child who lives in Pakistan. It describes how it is to live in Pakistan from the eyes of a child.



To learn more about my Pakistan Country Study click here: Pakistan Country Study

Back to School Color by Number Printables

Back to School time is here, now! I love this time. It’s a time where every student and teacher gets to start of with a clean slate. I like to celebrate this time with lots of Back to School themed printables. My favorite subject to teach is Math, so I love creating Back to School-themed math printables.

Here is a picture from my Back to School Color by Number Printables. I have them for Kindergarten through 6th grade with grade-level appropriate math.


Color by number printables are a great way to have students practice math without giving them countless mundane worksheets. You know what I’m talking about because I’m sure you did them when you were young, just like me.



To find out more about my back to school color by number printables, click here: Back to School Color by Number Printables

Three Ways to Promote Writing

Sometimes it’s hard to motivate students to write. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth in my opinion. Through my years, I’ve come up with three ways to help promote writing with students and help them to succceed.

#1 – Create a nice atmosphere for students to write in. I have to admit I got this one from my mother who taught for over 35 years. She would play music in her language arts classes during the time when students were supposed to be writing, during their daily journals and other writing time as well. Her students got used to that time and became accustomed to it. When the music started they played. She did this for her elementary students as well as her high school students. Both age ranges loved it.

#2 – Try to have students write daily. This goes back to the first reason in the fact that students will get used to the routine of writing. You can have writing prompts during bell work time or they can simply have a journal that they write in and have free writing time.

#3 – Make Writing Fun. Writing can be boring depending on the topic, so keep topics fun and change them. Also, try to add a little art with writing for extra creativity. I created some fun frames for just this – fun frames writing printables. Students can write and color at the same time. These look great on the bulletin board!


Students can write and much or as little as they like! There is a lot of space given so they can really express how they are feeling.



Click here to learn more about my fun frames: fun frames

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I hope you all have a great school year!


Back to School Close Reading

Close Reading is a fun way to get your students involved in what they are reading and come out of what they have read with some take-aways. It can also help them to read slowly and process what they are actually reading, instead of just reading word after word. This can help with fluency and with the speed they read at.

Back to School Close Reading has unique stories that are age appropriate. You can use these to gauge the level your students can read at, as well as assess vocabulary comprehension and retention.


These original stories have questions at the end, as well as throughout the stories to help the students stay engaged in the stories. These are sure to be a hit in your classrooms.


IMG_6856 ok

These stories will introduce students to new vocabulary as well. They also have the definitions in the side panels for more difficult words.
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Back to School Close Reading

Stress-Free Printables

Sometimes the beginning of the school year can be stressful for teachers, as well as the students. Sometimes it’s nice, and necessary to have some printables up your sleeve to use as morning work, homework or just for that extra time that just popped up out of no where.


These stress-free printables have all black and white, low-ink graphics that are cute, but save on ink. Students can color them as they move along the printables or leave them as is.


These Back to School stress-free printables are a spiral review for the students at the beginning of the year to help them ease back into school and review things they’ve learned in the past.


There are both language arts and math printables in this packet and they cover a wide range of skills. There is no-prep involved except for printing out these pages. I have these printables in 1st through 5th grades. All grade appropriate for that grade level.

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Ancient Maya

Besides teaching about foreign countries, I love teaching about ancient civilizations too! I think it’s great for students to see how people lived in the past and perhaps we can learn from any mistakes they made if they did or we can learn from their successes as well.

Here’s a picture from my Ancient Maya packet. It’s filled with lots of different types of printables: a letter from an Ancient Maya Child, facts about Ancient Maya, Mayan language information, puzzles, crafts, writing and more.


Here’s a picture of a ancient Maya mask that students can color. There is also a version of this printable where students can design their own mask.


This is my favorite activity in the packet. Students can make their own Ancient Maya doll. It makes for an impressive takeaway for students to show their parents and leaves an great impression of Ancient Maya in students’ minds.


Did you know that Mayan is the word for the language of Maya? And people from Ancient Maya are called Mayas? This is just one of the items you’ll learn in my Ancient Maya packet so you can teach your children proper terminology when studying about ancient civilizations.

Click here to learn more about my Ancient Maya printables: Ancient Maya
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Have a great day!

Learning About a Country Through Crafts – Turkey

It’s fun to read about a country through the eyes of a child. It’s also fun to read various facts about a particular country. However, it’s even more fun to learn about a country through crafts. Using all of these methods togethers is the ultimate experience and is almost like a type of immersion.

Turkey, to me is an extremely interesting country for the fact that it is in two different continents. It is located in both Asia and in Europe. This makes Turkey unique as it is a blend of so many cultures as well as its own unique culture.


In addition to the above ways to teach about another country, it’s also great to have students write about what they have learned. It helps students to retain information, as well as process what they’ve learned!


Did you know that Tulips originated in Turkey? Maybe you thought they originated in the Netherlands since they are known for growing them. That is one fact that is explained in my This Kid’s Life printables about Turkey!

To check out my Turkey Country Study, click here: Turkey Country Study