Learning the times tables: not always fun, but necessary

The other day, my teenage kids admitted to me that I was right. Trust me, this doesn’t happen often! So it warrants a quick post. My kids admitted to me that it turns out that knowing your times tables does really help you in whatever math class you’re taking. That’s because after you learn your […]

Being comfortable with numbers

I’ve been creating educational products for students for some time now, and I’ve discovered something about learning mathematics that I think is important. What’s important in learning math isn’t whether or not you’re good at math, it’s whether or not you think you’re good at math. When students start learning mathematics at a young age, […]

Autumn math scene

A few years ago we shared this post, which featured a free printable where students could use their addition skills to add ornaments and other festive decorations to a Christmas tree. We received some positive feedback on that activity. Since the fall season is officially upon us, I’ve created a new math scene for autumn. […]

Teaching kids who learn in different ways

It’s time for a quick tip! One of the drawbacks of the education system in North America is that it is not personalized. Teachers will have a class of, say, 30 students, each with his or her own personalities, strengths, and weaknesses. Some students will learn by reading. Others will learn by listening. Still others […]

Five benefits of Duke TIP Summer Studies Programs

This summer, our son, a rising eighth grader, went to Davidson College in Davidson, North Carolina for a Duke TIP Center for Summer Studies program. In order to qualify for this intensive three-week program he had to attain a certain score on the SAT test – which he did. As he is a big fan […]