A lot of people think that interactive notebooks are only for elementary students because older students don’t like to color and cut out things, but I have to disagree. I think we need to remember that even if you students are in middle school or even high school they are still kids. Interactive notebooks are a good time to get away from technology and go back to the basics of cutting, pasting, and creating their own learning masterpiece.


Not only does it help students learn without technology, it also helps them to be more confident. They can look back and reflect throughout the year to see all of the skills they’ve accomplished.


They can look at things differently than they would normally look at it. It brings out the creativity in students.


Also some activities can be done in pairs or groups to help students learn to work cooperatively.


Allow your students to be kids again and try out interactive notebooks in your class.
Here’s my newest interactive notebook: Interactive Writing Notebook for 7th grade