What time do you normally eat dinner? Did you know that people in Spain don’t start eating dinner until at least 8pm at the earliest? Restaurants don’t start opening for dinner until 8pm, but they really get crowded around 9pm to 9:30pm. Also, meals, especially dinner, are not quick. Dinner lasts at least 2 hours with many different courses served. It’s normal to eat a starter (appetizer), a main course, a cheese course, and then a dessert. Depending on the restaurant, you could even have more courses as well.

Paella is one of my favorite things to eat in Spain. It is very savory rice that usually served with seafood, but I prefer it with chicken and artichokes. Paella is served in a large shallow dish and is definitely a must have when visiting Spain. If you’d like to learn more about Spain that you can share with your students or childrens, check out this resource.

Tapas are also a fun, and perhaps a bit quicker way, to eat dinner. You can pick lots of little dishes that you will eat. This is fun because you can try many different things and also of course you can share with the people you are eating dinner with.