Sometimes it’s hard to motivate students to write. Sometimes it’s like pulling teeth in my opinion. Through my years, I’ve come up with three ways to help promote writing with students and help them to succceed.

#1 – Create a nice atmosphere for students to write in. I have to admit I got this one from my mother who taught for over 35 years. She would play music in her language arts classes during the time when students were supposed to be writing, during their daily journals and other writing time as well. Her students got used to that time and became accustomed to it. When the music started they played. She did this for her elementary students as well as her high school students. Both age ranges loved it.

#2 – Try to have students write daily. This goes back to the first reason in the fact that students will get used to the routine of writing. You can have writing prompts during bell work time or they can simply have a journal that they write in and have free writing time.

#3 – Make Writing Fun. Writing can be boring depending on the topic, so keep topics fun and change them. Also, try to add a little art with writing for extra creativity. I created some fun frames for just this – fun frames writing printables. Students can write and color at the same time. These look great on the bulletin board!


Students can write and much or as little as they like! There is a lot of space given so they can really express how they are feeling.



Click here to learn more about my fun frames: fun frames