Fall is in the air – I can literally smell it when I walk into the stores. I smell the spiced brooms they have for sale and all of the pumpkin flavored food! It’s not fall yet, but it’s just around the corner. I have to admit that autumn is my favorite season. I love all of the holidays and the decorations. But, most importantly, I love the cooler weather. It gets hot, hot in Florida in the summer.

Last year I created these fun Fall Interactive Glyphs. These glyphs are great for students to learn how to follow directions, create artwork and even practice essay writing. Each of my interactive glyph packets come with four complete glyphs. There are 10 questions per glyph that are seasonally or holiday-themed. This interactive glyph is filled with autumn-themed questions. Students will create their artwork based on their answers to these questions. After they finish their glyphs, there is a writing prompt where they can practice writing based on all of the information they gathered. It’s a great introspective activity.

Fall Interactive Glyph 2

If you like what you see here, click here to get more information about my glyphs: Fall Interactive Glyphs

Fall Interactive Glyph 1