I love glyphs and I love using glyphs with my students. I think it’s a fun way to get your students to think about questions and reflect on them. Their answers make their glyphs different than their classmates. My interactive glyphs don’t have questions like “Are you a girl or boy?” They have more thoughtful questions like “What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?” “Do you like to carve pumpkins?” For my Halloween Interactive Glyphs, there are four glyphs. Each glyph has 10 different questions for students to answer.

Halloween Interactive Glyph 2

Another great thing about my interactive glyphs is there are writing prompts and pages for students to use. They can write their essays based on their feelings about the glyph questions. I think it’s really fun for students to write, read and do art all at the same time! The best thing about my glyphs is that I haven’t seen anything like them at all! So, your students and their parents will be pleased with a unique activity.

Halloween Interactive Glyph 1

If you’d like more information about my Halloween Interactive Glyphs, click here: Halloween Interactive Glyphs