A Poem for Earth Day

I’m a big fan of Earth Day! Growing up in Canada, I always appreciated the forests and lakes of my homeland (I probably would have appreciated the Rocky Mountains, too, but I grew up in the eastern part of the country. I guess I appreciated them from afar). I did plenty of scouting and camping […]

Sixth Grade Math Common Core Breakdown

Here is the Common Core at a glance for the sixth grade. I’m hoping that teachers will be able to use these graphics as posters for their classroom walls to remind them of the Common Core domains that they will be teaching throughout the academic year, and that parents of students who are studying according […]

Learning About Haikus

Spring is here… it’s a great time to learn about poetry and other creative pursuits. What is a haiku? A haiku (俳句) is a type of Japanese short poem. Traditionally, haikus have consisted of 17 syllables, with: Five syllables in the first line Seven syllables in the second line, and Five syllables in the third […]

Christmas Math Goofy Glyph

Math Goofy Glyphs are fun and potentially silly activities to help students practice their Common Core math abilities in an engaging way. There are actions for when you get their answers right… and different, goofy actions for when you get their answers wrong! With the Christmas Math Goofy Glyph your goal is to create a […]

Common Core Math Organizer, Assessment Guide and Portfolio

The Common Core Math Organizer, Assessment Guide and Portfolio is a large packet containing a variety of different dividers, checklists, posters, badges and other tools to help teachers bring instruction of the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics to their classrooms. Packets are available for kindergarten through to the sixth grade. These sets have been […]

Classroom Computer Rules Poster

Using the class computer If you’ve got computers in your classroom, when you’re teaching your students how to use them, you’re also going to want to teach your students how to respect them. Computers are sturdy machines, but the right sort of abuse – soda spilled on the keyboard, or too much banging on the […]

Thanksgiving Math Goofy Glyph

A Math Goofy Glyph is a fun and potentially silly activity that your students can complete as a craftivity while honing their Common Core math skills. Math Goofy Glyphs are math glyphs that feature actions for when your students get their answers right… and different, goofy actions for when they get their answers wrong! With […]