LEGO Minecraft mine set

Plenty of subjects get taught in schools – science, history, geography, art – but there’s no denying that, at least where the Common Core is concerned, the focus seems to be on mathematics and English language arts.

Normally, math and technology skills are associated with the left side of the brain, while literacy, grammar, spelling, reading, writing, etc. are associated with the right side. And many kids seem to have a preference for using one side of the brain and not the other. Some kids are gifted with numbers, while others are gifted with letters.

So if you’re looking to make all kinds of kids happy, you should look for ways to use both sides of the brain. Toys like LEGO bricks are great tools for learning for this very reason. Kids can use their analytical skills (working with shapes) while also employing their creative selves (coming up with new designs and ideas for LEGO brick creations).

When teaching math and literacy in the classroom, why not try mixing the two? Come up with activities that get kids using both sides of their brains. If they prefer working with numbers, give them exercises that get them doing calculations and completing equations. If they prefer working with words and sentences, give them a satisfying right brain reward for using the analytical skills of their left brains.

Back to School Math Stories

Here are some math stories that mix mathematics with English language arts.

Back to School Math Stories - Fourth Grade

These printables with a Back to School theme feature stories with missing words that students must fill in. They do this by solving math problems to fill in the blanks.

Have fun with your math and literacy teaching and homeschooling!