Teach addition with Mia the Math Magician

Mia the Math Magician

Mia the Math Magician has a special skill – she is a wizard with mathematics!

Here are two free worksheets that you can complete with your children or students so that they may learn to add numbers together.

Learning basic addition

The first worksheet provides an introduction to the concept of addition, demonstrating that addition is achieved by adding together groups of units. If you are a teacher or a parent showing children how to achieve addition, it might take a bit of work for your students to understand the logical concept behind the practice. To help demonstrate the concept of addition, you can use collections of real objects (like coins, buttons or crayons) to show that when you add one group of objects to another group of objects, you get a larger group of objects that equals the “added up” collection of objects – the sum.

Addition matching worksheet

The second activity is a problem page that your children can complete once they understand how to add up numbers using numerals. Have them complete the addition problems on the page, then draw a line from the problem to the number of objects that corresponds to that problem’s answer. For example, if the answer to the math problem is 5, have them draw a line from that math problem to the group of five objects found elsewhere on the page.

Further practice with addition

Once your children understand the concept of addition, you can have them complete this worksheet for extra adding practice. If they enjoy addition and want further practice, you can also have them complete these addition number wheels.

Kindergarten Common Core Standards for Mathematics

This lesson falls under standard K.OA.1 for kindergarten common core mathematics skills:

Represent addition and subtraction with objects, fingers, mental images, drawings, sounds (e.g., claps), acting out situations, verbal explanations, expressions, or equations.