Addition wheels for odd numbers

Below you will find a free worksheet that you can download and hand out to your students for some extra practice adding together numbers and shapes. Using this particular addition worksheet will help to reinforce the concept that numbers are made up of units. It might make for a good work-at-your-desk classroom or homeschool activity, or can even be used as a test to see how your kids are progressing with their adding skills.

This worksheet can continue the lessons learned in the beginner Adding Shapes and Numbers worksheet take a look. With these number wheels your children or students will get more practice adding shapes and numbers together, and more familiarity with addition in general.

The number of shapes within the center of each number wheel are odd numbers – for a future version I’ll create a sheet with even numbers of shapes within the middle of each wheel.

For this activity, children are asked to write their answers in the form of numbers (printed numerals). However, if you like, they can also write their answers in the form of a total number of shapes – they may not have space to do this on the math worksheet, but if you are using math journals as part of your school or homeschool curriculum these can be used for answering the questions.