It’s time for some Thanksgiving fun!

American Thanksgiving is just around the corner! And I, for one, have plenty to be thankful for. It’s been a great year so far! And the holiday season is nearing – I love this time of year! A Thanksgiving turkey craft If you’re looking for a fun craft to make in your classroom this November, […]

Thanksgiving Common Core Math Puzzles

This week, Thanksgiving comes to the United States. If you’re looking for something fun to do with your students for those days leading up to the Thanksgiving holiday, here are some Common Core aligned math puzzles with packets for grades 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5. There also Autumn Common Core Math Puzzles available, with […]

Thanksgiving Quick Common Core Literacy

The Quick Common Core series from Mixminder contains quick and easy math worksheets for all of the grade level domains in the Common Core State Standards initiative. For Thanksgiving, there are two packets available. We’ve already posted about the Thanksgiving Quick Common Core Math set; here is the packet for English language arts, reading, literacy […]

Thanksgiving Math Journal Prompts

Mathbooking is a fun activity that combines the analytical skills of solving math problems with the creative fun of scrapbooking. Children can practice their math skills according to the standards in the Common Core State Standards Initiative while answering a series of math questions of varying difficulties using writing, drawing, cutting and pasting, and storytelling. […]

Thanksgiving Color by Numbers in Spanish

Thanksgiving is coming up this month in the United States! A while back we posted a Thanksgiving Color by Numbers in French; for today’s post, here is a Spanish language version, with numbers and colors in Spanish. To use this free worksheet, students should look at the picture of the Thanksgiving turkey and take note […]

Thanksgiving Math Goofy Glyph

A Math Goofy Glyph is a fun and potentially silly activity that your students can complete as a craftivity while honing their Common Core math skills. Math Goofy Glyphs are math glyphs that feature actions for when your students get their answers right… and different, goofy actions for when they get their answers wrong! With […]

Thanksgiving Color by Numbers in French

Thanksgiving takes place in November in the United States – now is a good time to break out the Thanksgiving-themed worksheets and activities in your classroom for your students or children to complete. If you’re a language teacher, and you’re teaching French to your students, why not have them complete this Color by Numbers activity? […]

Thanksgiving Quick Common Core Math

For several months now we have been selling curriculum online at two storefronts: Teachers Pay Teachers and Teachers Notebook. While we’ve been offering free worksheets and activities here on Mixminder, we have also been growing our online store, to the point where we have a significant number of products available for sale. We’d like to […]