An April Writing Activity

A writing worksheet for AprilSpring is finally here! And the month of April is just around the corner. It’s one of my favorite months, with flowers blooming, celebrations for Easter and Earth Day, and a general upswing in peoples’ moods. It’s great to see the rebirth of our planet in action, with saplings growing, trees budding, and colorful flowers sprouting from the ground.

Here’s a free downloadable PDF worksheet for your classroom for April, featuring a poem I wrote to celebrate the month! Please let me know what you think about the worksheet – if you like it, I’ll make more for future months. The download for the PDF can be found at the bottom of the post.

As always, we really appreciate your downloading and using our activities with your students, and sharing our site with others. Thank you! It means a lot to us!

Fun Common Core math activities for the classroom

The Crawfords' Big Book of Math-tivities - Common CoreWe’re very excited about our new book, The Crawfords’ Big Book of Math-tivities, filled with Common Core-aligned activities for mathematics for grades K-2. We’ve worked hard to come up with fun activities for the classroom – things that students will enjoy when it comes time for math class. Activities include:

  • Mathbooking, a creative take on math journal prompts
  • Goofy Glyphs, an engaging and potentially silly glyph activity
  • new ideas for incorporating the joy and energy of holidays and seasons into your math teaching
  • fun ideas for puzzles and games
  • ideas for teaching math outdoors
  • unique ways to combine math with storytelling

Instructions and helpful tips for using these activities can be found in the book, as well as ready-to-use example activities included with each chapter.

Check it out, and please let us know what you think!

April writing worksheet

Here’s the free writing activity for April. I hope you have a wonderful month!

April Reward Bookmarks

April is upon us! Spring has finally arrived, and Easter is coming! The Easter Bunny is putting on his paint-covered overalls and cramming his Easter basket full of eggs, ready for delivery to kids all over the world (I don’t know why, but I always imagine he wears bright blue overalls slathered with paint whenever he goes out delivering eggs).

Easter is a holiday to get excited about, but it isn’t the only special day celebrated during the month of April… Arbor Day and Earth Day both take place this month. April is a great month to teach students about the environment, about saving the planet, and about what it takes to “go green”. Reduce, reuse, recycle… help to teach kids to respect the environment at an early age and it will carry on into their teenage and adult years. Plus, it’s fun!

If your students have been working hard in the classroom, why not reward their efforts with some April-themed reward bookmarks? They’ll appreciate the recognition for their work and classroom participation, and these reward bookmarks might come in handy after those late nights spent under the covers with a flashlight, reading a favorite book. Let your students know you appreciate their hard work while promoting reading and literacy at the same time.


  1. Print out the attached PDF on card stock (for stability). If your computer doesn’t display PDF colors correctly (some don’t), here’s an image version.
  2. Write personal notes to your students on each bookmark, if desired (note that some of the bookmarks require it).
  3. Cut out the bookmarks individually.
  4. Laminate each bookmark.
  5. Present them to your students, either publicly or privately – it’s up to you how to turn the presentation of a classroom reward into a special thing.