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Practicing Math Through Puzzles

I’ve always loved math. From as far back as I can remember, I remember being excited every time it was math time in class. I especially remember loving math when I was in 6th grade. My Math teacher was awesome. She used to teach us math systems from ancient civilizations.

When I became a teacher, I decided that I wanted to be like my 6th grade teacher and really help students to enjoy math. I decided to create some math puzzles to help students enjoy math the way I do.

IMG_9024 (1)

My math puzzles use literacy and art to take math to a new level. They are engaging to students.

IMG_9021 (1)

IMG_9022 (1)

I have math puzzles for grades from 1st to 5th. I also have them for different seasons and holidays like Christmas and Easter.

IMG_9020 (1)

My math puzzles are unique, so your students will get to experience something new.

IMG_9023 (1)

Want to take a closer look? Click here: Math Puzzles

Back to School Color by Number Printables

Back to School time is here, now! I love this time. It’s a time where every student and teacher gets to start of with a clean slate. I like to celebrate this time with lots of Back to School themed printables. My favorite subject to teach is Math, so I love creating Back to School-themed math printables.

Here is a picture from my Back to School Color by Number Printables. I have them for Kindergarten through 6th grade with grade-level appropriate math.


Color by number printables are a great way to have students practice math without giving them countless mundane worksheets. You know what I’m talking about because I’m sure you did them when you were young, just like me.



To find out more about my back to school color by number printables, click here: Back to School Color by Number Printables

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Many interactive notebooks are just cut and paste definitions, but my interactive notebooks are truly interactive! Check them out here!


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I hope you all have a great school year!


Poetry + Math = Fun!

My husband has a real knack for writing poetry, so when I decided to make a poetry math glyph he was onboard! It’s a fun little activity where students answer questions, then based on their answers they answer math questions. Then, students create their glyphs of different poem lines. The end result a very funny poem and a lot of math practice and even some following directions practice as well.

Poetry skills are useful skills to develop. Poetry skills help students with reading and with writing as well. It’s one of those skills that sometimes get lost in the shuffle when you try to make time to cover everything in the school year. This is why I love my poetry math goofy glyph because it is a short enough project with math included that it won’t take too much time to cover some poetry.

Here is my daughter’s poetry math goofy glyph. It turned out great!
poetry 2 blog

poetry 1 blog

For more information on my Poetry Math Goofy Glyphs click here: Poetry Math Goofy Glyphs

Bringing a Little Fun into Math

My favorite thing to see is when one of my students ‘gets it’. I feel like I’ve succeeded in my profession as a teacher, at least for that moment. My second favorite thing to see is when one of my students smiles and I can tell they are enjoying the activity we are working on. This is why I’ve created math gooyfy glyphs. My two favorite things about teaching are combined.

What is a math goofy glyph? It’s a math glyph that is specific for the grade you are teaching. I have many different grade levels that focus on different specific math tasks for that grade level. The goofy part comes when students make a mistake in their math problem. Then, they have to add something silly to their glyph. For example, with my Back to School Math Goofy Glyphs, you might have a trash can instead of a backpack for the base of the glyph. It’s really fun and the students are learning and practicing skills they’ve previously learned. They also look great in the hallway or on the bulletin board.

Here’s my latest math goofy glyph – You’re students will create a pretty plant scene and if they make a mistake, they might make a venus fly trap!


You can check out all of my math goofy glyphs here: Math Goofy Glyphs

Four Reasons Why Interactive Math Notebooks are Beneficial for Older Students

Interactive notebooks have been the rage for the last few years, mainly for younger grades. I think they are actually beneficial for students from Kinder through 12th grade and here are my reasons.

#1 – Students can take the time to reflect on what they’ve learned and come back to the concept at a later time to review. When I was in middle school and high school, math was easy for me. However, it wasn’t easy for everyone in my class. (And I have to admit I had other subjects that were difficult for me, but that’s another post in itself). Fractions and algebra are really difficult for some students to grasp. Once they do grasp the concepts, they are golden, but the initial hook can be difficult. Because of the difficult concepts taught in middle school and high school, I believe that interactive notebooks can help students to grasp the concepts. Many of my interactive notebooks have activities where students can review what they’ve learned and that is key especially when they are studying for end of the year (or course) tests.

interactive notebook prealgebra

#2 – Visual learners can learn quicker with interactive notebooks because they are so visual. Not everyone is visual, but many students are and interactive notebooks will help them to learn the concepts quicker due to the nature of interactive notebooks.

interactive notebook prealgebra2

#3 – Interactive Notebooks give them a sense of achievement. At the end of the school year students empty out their backpacks and look at what they’ve done. They will probably just toss out worksheets, and they may even toss out their interactive notebook, but I guarantee that they will take a second be proud of what they’ve done.

interactive notebook prealgebra4

#4 – Older students are still kids and like to have fun. Who likes to do boring worksheets? Not me and not my students, but they sure do love to do interactive notebooks regardless of their age. It’s fun to have a foldable or a cool cut-out that hides the answer or helps them to solve the problem.

interactive notebook prealgebra3

Here are my Interactive Math Notebooks for Older Grades:
Interactive Math Notebook for 6th grade
Interactive Math Notebook for 7th grade
Interactive Math Notebook for 8th grade
Interactive Math Notebook for Pre-Algebra
Interactive Math Notebook for Algebra
Interactive Math Notebook for Geometry

Have a great school year everyone!

Seven benefits of color by number activities

Color by NumberTomorrow, August 2nd, is National Coloring Book Day! Okay, let’s be honest… have you ever heard of National Coloring Book Day? Me neither. But at least now I know it’s tomorrow!

Since tomorrow is National Coloring Book Day, today seems like a good day to talk about color by number exercises, and some of the principal benefits of color by number activities, and why they are good exercises to give to your kids, either at home or in a classroom setting. So here we go:

1. Color by number exercises encourage creativity

But wait, you might say… color by number exercises give children defined colors and limits… why would this support creativity and imagination? Well, if you have children who don’t naturally want to draw or color, or feel timid doing so, color by number exercises offer a “safe zone” that kids can use to practice working with color and design. This can lead to future drawing, painting, or coloring activities.

2. Color by number printables give kids a chance to solve a mystery

Granted, not much of a mystery. But when you see a blank color by number page, you don’t know what it’s going to look like before you color it in. As you color, the pictures start to come to life beneath the tips of your crayons. It’s fun to watch it happening.

There are also color by number pages out there that do not allow users to see what the pictures are before they are colored… they often feature strange looking mosaics that “hide” a picture in the various shapes on the page. These are also fun classroom activities to complete.

3. Color by number printables build fine motor skills

For younger students, coloring “between the lines” helps to build fine motor skills in the hands and fingers. It helps with children’s dexterity, hand-eye coordination, and skills with manipulating tools. This is not as much of a benefit for older kids, but it is definitely something the younger kids should practice. This will eventually lead to future skills with writing letters and writing in cursive.

4. Color by number printables introduce students to colors

Color by number pages are a good way to teach color theory to children. Initial color by number pages can introduce colors like red, yellow, blue, green – the primary colors and secondary colors. Later color by number pages can introduce more complicated colors like magenta, cerulean, and amber. Color by number pages can help introduce kids to fine arts.

5. Color by number printables are relaxing to complete

Coloring is a relaxing activity. If you have hyper kids coming in from recess or lunch period, you can calm them down by giving them a color by number printable to work on. Once they’ve finished their work, they will be more ready to learn more demanding course material.

6. Color by number printables encourage focus

While coloring by number, kids hone in on a task, and then focus on specific colors, numbers, or shapes while coloring in their coloring pages. This helps to build skills in focus and concentration. It also gives them a specific task to complete with a number of procedural steps to follow.

7. Color by number printables can be differentiated for different students

Color by number pages do not have to be “integers only” pages. We like to use color by number pages to teach mathematics. Instead of giving a number for a space to color, we might give an addition problem: 2 + 3 =. Then, at the bottom of the page, we might say, “5 = purple“. Kids would solve the problem, then color that space in depending on the color given for the answer.

This gets kids practicing their skills with mathematics – addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, working with shapes – while completing a fun art project in the classroom. It’s a best of both worlds scenario.

If you’re interested in seeing some of our color by number pages for mathematics, you can fine them here.

Color by Number printables

Happy National Coloring Book Day!

How Much Homework Should You Give?

Have you ever wondered how much homework you should give? Should you give math homework every day? Reading homework every other day? Maybe just some on the weekend? I’m a kind of middle of the road person when it comes to home. I think it’s good to have some homework so it can reinforce what students have learned in class, but I’m not big on 2 hours of homework a night. When we lived in France several times my son would have 3 or more hours of homework and he would be in tears. 🙁 I just hated to see him hate school merely becasue of homework. So, I think it’s better to have some, but not too much. Maybe 15 to 30 mins at the most. I also don’t think it has to be every single night.


My homework packets have just enough work to help your students review what they’ve learned in class. I also like them because they have math as well as language arts on one page.


Some teachers like to save paper and when they use my homework packet, they make copies double sided and then cut the paper in half and give half of a piece of a paper for homework.


Here are a few comments about my Homework packet:
“I really love this packet. Fast and easy to check.”
“I love your homework bundles! I already have the 2nd grade one and I’m so excited to use the 3rd grade one this year. They are so versatile! Thanks!”
“Not only great for homework but a quick assessment and exit slip.”
“Quick homework page to supplement regular homework that reviews common core skills. Excellent!”

Want to see more? Check out my different grade level homework packets:
Homework for Kindergarten

Homework for First Grade

Homework for Second Grade

Homework for Third Grade

Homework for Fourth Grade

Homework for Fifth Grade

Homework for Sixth Grade Math

Three Tips for Using Interactive Notebooks in Your Classroom

If you follow my blog or store, you know that I love interactive notebooks. Here are three tips that you can use to make your life easier when using interactive notebooks.

1. If you buy an interactive notebook packet, don’t feel like you have to use everything in the packet. It’s okay to just pick and choose and use the activities out of order.

2. Make your own sample interactive notebook before school starts. I know your time is limited, but if you are like me, I’m sure you have a few TVs shows you follow. Why not make your interactive notebook while you’re watching TV. Just print out a few pages before your show starts and color, cut and paste while you are relaxing. Just pretend it’s one of those adult coloring books and it will actually be quite relaxing for you.

3. Add a ribbon to each of your students’ notebooks to use as a bookmark. This will save them time from having to flip and flip until they get to the section that they are working on.

Be on the lookout for more tips for using interactive notebooks in future posts!

interactive notebook

Kindergarten Interactive Math Notebook

1st Grade Interactive Math Notebook

2nd Grade Interactive Math Notebook

3rd Grade Interactive Math Notebook

4th Grade Interactive Math Notebook

5th Grade Interactive Math Notebook

6th Grade Interactive Math Notebook

7th Grade Interactive Math Notebook

8th Grade Interactive Math Notebook

Algebra Interactive Math Notebook

Pokemon GO Inspired: Monster Catching Math

Have you played the Pokemon Go game yet? We have played with our children a few times. It’s fun and everyone around us is playing it. We thought, hey why not create Pokemon inspired printables to help students have fun while they are practicing their math skills? So, we did!


It’s fun and based on the same concept as Pokemon Go, but there are not copyright violations as all graphics of monsters are new and created by my husband and myself. Students will find a math problem, solve it and then look through their monster cards to see which monster they found based on their answer. Answer keys are included too!


There are two versions of these printables included so you can differentiate within your classroom. This product focuses on multiplication skills for 3rd grade, but future packets will focus on other skills for other grade levels.


I have to admit we had a lot of fun making this product and designing the monsters. I think my husband really enjoyed naming them as well, so your students will have a blast WHILE PRACTING MATH! Win/Win!


Click here to check out my Monster Catching Math Printables for Third Grade: Pokemon GO Inspired: Monster Catching Math for Third Grade

Click here to check out my Monster Catching Math Printables for Second Grade: Pokemon GO Inspired: Monster Catching Math for Second Grade