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St. Patrick’s Day STEM

One of my favorite holidays is St. Patrick’s Day. I think it’s because I love Ireland and I love the color green. It’s also a great holiday in the middle of a span with not much going on, especially when Easter falls in April, like it will for the next few years.

I’d like to show you my new St. Patrick’s Day STEM unit. There are four activities: 2 activities for St. Patrick’s Day, 1 for National Quilting Day and 1 for Johnny Appleseed Day.

Here’s one activity that is sure to amuse your students. They must build a trap for a Leprechaun. You know how sneaky those Leprechauns can be, so they need to think about how to lure them and trick them.

Have you ever heard of National Quilting Day? It falls in March (the third Saturday to be exact) and it’s a great time to use a little duct tape to create their own quilted item. I think it’s a great time to explain what patchwork and quilting is since a lot of students aren’t exposed to these types of crafts.
st. patrick's day stem

I hope you all are having a great school year. If you’d like more information on my March STEM unit, click here.

Teaching About India

Another country that I made printables for is India! This country has given the world some of the most popular food – curry! I don’t know about you, but I love to eat curry! Like my other This Kids’ Life Series, this packet is filled with puzzles, crafts, coloring projects, writing, reading and more!

Since many people travel by train in India, sometimes for a very long time, I made a writing page asking students what they would do on a train if they had to ride it for over 24 hours. I think it will be interesting to see all of the creative ideas your students will have.

india 3

One of the art projects in my India packet is a 3D sphere of the Indian Flag. Students will love to take this home and show their parents what they learned.


If you’d like to learn more about my India printables, click here: India Country Study

Halloween 3D Math Art

Are you looking for something different to do for math to celebrate Halloween this season? My Halloween 3D Math Art really fits the bill! There are three different packets: Fractions, Multiplication and Addition and Subtraction. Each packet has two different levels so you can differentiate with your students.
Halloween multiplication  art picture 1

Each Halloween 3D Math Art packet has three different projects to work on. First they solve the problems. Then, they can find their answers on the picture. Next, your students will roll up the strips and paste them to the picture. When they are finished, they’ll have a wonderful 3D art project!

Halloween addition and subtractionart 2

Here’s a close up of the bat picture, so you can see how it’s put together. You’re students are sure to enjoy making these.

Halloween multiplication art picture 4

If you’d like more information about my Halloween 3D Art, click here: Halloween 3D Math Art

Halloween Interactive Glyphs

I love glyphs and I love using glyphs with my students. I think it’s a fun way to get your students to think about questions and reflect on them. Their answers make their glyphs different than their classmates. My interactive glyphs don’t have questions like “Are you a girl or boy?” They have more thoughtful questions like “What’s your favorite thing about Halloween?” “Do you like to carve pumpkins?” For my Halloween Interactive Glyphs, there are four glyphs. Each glyph has 10 different questions for students to answer.

Halloween Interactive Glyph 2

Another great thing about my interactive glyphs is there are writing prompts and pages for students to use. They can write their essays based on their feelings about the glyph questions. I think it’s really fun for students to write, read and do art all at the same time! The best thing about my glyphs is that I haven’t seen anything like them at all! So, your students and their parents will be pleased with a unique activity.

Halloween Interactive Glyph 1

If you’d like more information about my Halloween Interactive Glyphs, click here: Halloween Interactive Glyphs


My newest country unit is about Panama. I think Panama is a wonderful country full of flora and fauna and interesting facts! One interesting fact is that students go to school in shifts. There are two shifts each day, so you only have to go to school during one shift. Which would you prefer – the morning shift or the afternoon shift? I think I would prefer to go to school in the morning. I’d love to have the afternoon free to do what I’d like to do.

Students can take what the facts that they learn and write an essay about life in Panama.



There are also three types of puzzles students can do in order to help them practice what they’ve learned in my Panama unit. There is a crossword puzzle, word search and secret mesage puzzle.


As with my other country packets, this one also has crafts that the students can do in order to learn more about Panama. Here’s a doll that they can make. It is a great take-away that they can show their parents what country they are learning about.


If you’d like to learn more about my Panama unit, click here: Panama Country Study


A teacher recently asked me to add to my county units by creating country units for any other Central American countries that I didn’t have yet. She said that she has at least one child from each of those countries in her classroom this year. She wants to use my Central America country units to introduce those countries to the other students in her class. The first country I chose to create was Honduras.

Through my Honduras unit, students will learn about Honduras by reading a letter from a child from Honduras, making crafts, coloring and writing. Here’s a coloring page that is included in the unit.


Students and teachers will adore the colorful graphics, as well at the black-lined graphics. Students will be able to take what they’ve learned and write about Honduras by the end of the unit.


A great take-away from this unit is a a Scarlet Macaw craft. The Scarlet Macaw is the national bird of Honduras. Parents will be impressed with what their children created and learned. You can even add a ring on the bottom of the bird and they can use it as a finger puppet.


To find out more about my Honduras unit click here: Honduras Country Study

Fall is in the Air

Fall is in the air – I can literally smell it when I walk into the stores. I smell the spiced brooms they have for sale and all of the pumpkin flavored food! It’s not fall yet, but it’s just around the corner. I have to admit that autumn is my favorite season. I love all of the holidays and the decorations. But, most importantly, I love the cooler weather. It gets hot, hot in Florida in the summer.

Last year I created these fun Fall Interactive Glyphs. These glyphs are great for students to learn how to follow directions, create artwork and even practice essay writing. Each of my interactive glyph packets come with four complete glyphs. There are 10 questions per glyph that are seasonally or holiday-themed. This interactive glyph is filled with autumn-themed questions. Students will create their artwork based on their answers to these questions. After they finish their glyphs, there is a writing prompt where they can practice writing based on all of the information they gathered. It’s a great introspective activity.

Fall Interactive Glyph 2

If you like what you see here, click here to get more information about my glyphs: Fall Interactive Glyphs

Fall Interactive Glyph 1

Learning about Iceland

Iceland is a country that I’m extremely interested in. I love the fact that so many people from Iceland believe in elves. I mean don’t we all kind of want to believe in elves even if we don’t. I think it’s fun to teach students about these unique things about different cultures, especially through crafts.


We all know that crafts are fun, but writing and reading are obviously more important and my Iceland packet utilize all of these ways to learn about Iceland.


At the end students can process all of the things they’ve learned and write about Iceland. I even have a writing activity where students can compare Iceland to their own country.


Another fun aspect of my Iceland Country Study is that the graphics are original and authentic to the country and culture. I have to admit my favorite part of making country study units is creating the grapics for these printables.


If you’d like to learn more about my Iceland Country Study click here: Iceland Country Study.

If you’d like to learn more about my other Country Study Printables click here: Country Study Printables.

Bringing a Little Fun into Math

My favorite thing to see is when one of my students ‘gets it’. I feel like I’ve succeeded in my profession as a teacher, at least for that moment. My second favorite thing to see is when one of my students smiles and I can tell they are enjoying the activity we are working on. This is why I’ve created math gooyfy glyphs. My two favorite things about teaching are combined.

What is a math goofy glyph? It’s a math glyph that is specific for the grade you are teaching. I have many different grade levels that focus on different specific math tasks for that grade level. The goofy part comes when students make a mistake in their math problem. Then, they have to add something silly to their glyph. For example, with my Back to School Math Goofy Glyphs, you might have a trash can instead of a backpack for the base of the glyph. It’s really fun and the students are learning and practicing skills they’ve previously learned. They also look great in the hallway or on the bulletin board.

Here’s my latest math goofy glyph – You’re students will create a pretty plant scene and if they make a mistake, they might make a venus fly trap!


You can check out all of my math goofy glyphs here: Math Goofy Glyphs

Russia Country Study

Today I wanted to show you a little about my Russia Country Study printables. It’s a great set to introduce your students to Russia. They can even learn a little Russian as well.

All of my individual country packets have a letter written from a child from that particular country, fast facts, a crossword puzzle, word search, post card writing activity, comparison writing activity, crafts and more! Here is the ‘All About Russia page’ that your students can fill out while they are learning about Russi or you can use it as an assessment to see how much they learned about Russia.

Russia Country Study

My favorite activty of this packet is the Nesting Dolls (Matryoshka) craft. Students can create their own designs for the dolls or use the provided design.

Russia Country Study

They each sit on a ring of paper and can stand up.

Russia Country Study

They actually can nest inside of one another as well.

Russia Country Study

Russia Country Study

If you’d like more information about my Russia printables, click here: Russia Country Study