A teacher recently asked me to add to my county units by creating country units for any other Central American countries that I didn’t have yet. She said that she has at least one child from each of those countries in her classroom this year. She wants to use my Central America country units to introduce those countries to the other students in her class. The first country I chose to create was Honduras.

Through my Honduras unit, students will learn about Honduras by reading a letter from a child from Honduras, making crafts, coloring and writing. Here’s a coloring page that is included in the unit.


Students and teachers will adore the colorful graphics, as well at the black-lined graphics. Students will be able to take what they’ve learned and write about Honduras by the end of the unit.


A great take-away from this unit is a a Scarlet Macaw craft. The Scarlet Macaw is the national bird of Honduras. Parents will be impressed with what their children created and learned. You can even add a ring on the bottom of the bird and they can use it as a finger puppet.


To find out more about my Honduras unit click here: Honduras Country Study