Here’s a quick and clean teaching tip (because fresh photocopies are clean, not dirty)! It will already be familiar to many teachers, but it can’t hurt to share it anyway. When you are photocopying printables for your students, use a variety of different colored paper!

It is always fun to have the children in your class color the activity they are working on, be it in an interactive notebook, on a printed math worksheet, or on a reading or writing page. However, you don’t always want to have your students spend the time coloring their printables when you have other topics on your teaching agenda for the day. Using colored paper can add a splash of color to your students’ binders or notebooks without your students having to spend any extra effort in order to achieve it.

Below you will find some examples of colored photocopies from our Interactive Grammar Notebook. Note that the colors that we used to print out these copies are light colors… in fact, these colors are light, bright, and flashy. You do not want to use dark colors to print out your printables for obvious reasons – your students will not be able to read the text on the photocopies, especially those students who might have poorer eyesight.

Have fun adding some color to your printables this year!

Interactive notebook foldables

Interactive notebook word activity