Summer vacation at the swimming pool

Here comes summer!

School is winding down… teachers are wrapping up their final lessons, students are taking their final exams, and summer is almost here! It’s been a long journey since school started last fall… I am sure your kids are going to miss their teachers, the friends they’ve made, and the time they’ve spent learning in the classroom and at home.

To get your children or students in the mood to celebrate the arrival of sunny summer days, here is a summertime word search that you can give them with summer-themed words for them to find. Words can be found backwards and forwards, horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

While you’re at it, why not pair this exercise with a quick and easy writing workshop? Have your students write a little something about what they plan to do this summer – the games or sports they plan to play, the places they plan to go on vacation with their family, and the things they’re going to enjoy doing in the warm weather.