Tres pimientos picantesHere’s a free download of four pages of Spanish numbers copywork. Have your students copy down the Spanish numbers for one to ten (plus zero) on the activity pages included here.

Spanish numbers

The numbers in Spanish from one to ten are:

  • One: Uno
  • Two: Dos
  • Three: Tres
  • Four: Cuatro
  • Five: Cinco
  • Six: Seis
  • Seven: Siete
  • Eight: Ocho
  • Nine: Nueve
  • Ten: Diez

And the number zero is: Cero.

Using the Color by Numbers pages

When teaching a foreign language using copywork pages, it is a good idea to have your children or students repeat the words they are copying while they are completing the activity pages. Reciting the numbers in their heads is fine, but for best results students should speak (or whisper) the words aloud. This may not be possible in a classroom setting, but perhaps it can be accomplished while studying at home after school or in a homeschool environment.