Common Core for Second GradeAs I’ve already done with kindergarten and first grade, here is a breakdown of the Common Core domains for second grade mathematics. I’m hoping that this free PDF can serve as a resource for teachers’ classroom walls or for teachers to distribute to the parents of children in their classes so that parents can see at a glance what sorts of mathematical skills their children are going to be learning during the school year.

Second grade skills learned

The following Common Core skills are practiced during second grade:

  • Addition and subtraction within 20
  • Working with equal groups of objects in preparation for multiplication
  • Using place value to add and subtract numbers
  • Measuring lengths in standard units
  • Solving problems with time and money
  • Working with data
  • Reasoning with geometric shapes and their attributes

Second Grade Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standard domains for second grade mathematics are broken down as such:

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 4 standards (15%)
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten: 9 standards (35%)
  • Measurement and Data: 10 standards (38%)
  • Geometry: 3 standards (12%)

Underneath the breakdowns I’ve included the summary line items for the Common Core skills that students will be learning during the academic year.

I hope that this chart serves as a useful resource! If you have any other ideas for resources that could help you teach according to the Common Core State Standards Initiative, please let me know in the comments – I’d be glad to hear about them.