Why I Exercise with My Children


I remember the days of yesteryore when I was in school and we had PE every single day for an hour. This was from when I was in kindergarten until I graduated. I know some people opted out of PE in highschool after doing their required two years, but I stayed in it because I liked it. I had grown up with it. Today; however, it’s a time where students are lucky to get PE every 3 days and many PEs are skipped because specials are cancelled for some reason or another.

I’m sure there are some schools where students do get PE every day, but not at my children’s school. I used to homeschool them so we always exercised together as part of our homeschool curriculum. They actually attend a school where there is no PE. I think there is a health class they are required to take for 1/2 of a sememster, but it’s not just PE, it’s learning about the body, etc. They attend a public performing arts school and in the last 3 years my son has gone there, he has not had a PE class once. I’m fine with that because this gives us a task as a family. We need to stay in shape together. My son and I like to take walks together and go running together and my daughter and I take Irish dance classes together and practice together.

I’d like to hope that I’m instilling in them the sense of health and the ability to take care of ones’ body and soul through exercising. Time will only tell.

French Interactive Notebook

The other day, I mentioned that I have a new Spanish Interactive Notebook. What I didn’t mention is that I have a new French Interactive Notebook too.

I think interactive notebooks are even more important for learning a new language than for math or reading because so much of learning a new language is repetition. Also hands-on activities make it easier to remember new vocabulary words and grammar points. Here are few pictures from my New French Interactive Notebook:

french interactive

french grammar

french notebook

For more information about my new French Interactive Notebook, click here.

Interactive Spanish Notebook

I love interactive notebooks as much as the next teacher. I think they give students a lot of great information to reflect on when studying for a test, as well as when they look back on what they learned for the year. It’s also great to show parents and administors as well. But, more importantly, interactive notebooks are great for keeping students involved in the lessons!

I was looking for a good interactive spanish notebook for my friend for her daughter that she homeschools, but I couldn’t find any. I decided to make one myself. Growing up in Texas, we always spoke Spanish. My mother was fluent in Spanish and made sure we all knew how to speak it. She felt, like I do, that learning new languages is really important, as well as fulfilling.

Here are a few of the pages from my new Interactive Spanish Notebook:

spanish learning

spanish interactive notebook

spanish fun

If you’d like to see more information about my Interactive Spanish Notebook, click here.

Easter Color by Number

I love coloring and so do my kids. My Easter color by number printables are sure to be a hit with all of your students. The great thing about them is they are leveled for different grades. So, whether you are teaching kinder or teaching 6th grade the math problems will be geared towards your students.

Easter Color by Number

There are 12 pictures in each set. Enough to have a lot of choices for you and your students. You can use them as homework, morning work, for your subs or as a reward. The uses are unlimited!

Easter Math

Easter Math Fun

To find my Easter Color by Number Printables, click here.

Happy Easter! I hope you all have a wonderful spring and Easter season.

Easter STEM

What’s better than STEM? Easter-themed STEM! Easter is a bit later this year and I like it because it’s not too close to St. Patrick’s Day so there is a lot of time to fully celebrate both holidays! I’m super excited with my new Easter STEM packet because my own children had so much fun making these challenges.

The first challenge is a Rocket Egg challenge. It’s really neat to see how innovated students can be when given a list of materials they can use and provided with a task.

Easter STEM


Creating an Easter Egg Tower is so much more difficult than you can imagine. I tried building a few and although I did have some successful ones, I had a lot of disasters too which made us all laugh. Here’s one my son built.

Easter Science

Sewing in itself isn’t STEM, but it is when you try to create geometric designs in the design. And to tell you the truth, my daughter knew how to sew before this activity, but my son didn’t know. Now he does! So it’s really a win because he can sew his own buttons on his clothes when they fall off now. Believe it or not, but he really enjoyed sewing too and creating the designs. It also makes STEM more STEAM! Which is what I prefer!

Easter Sewing

The last challenge in my April STEM packet is a windmill. It’s really cute and I’ve included some printables that your students can use with their designs to help them have a more realistic looking windmill if they want to use them.

To fine my April STEM/STEAM unit click here.

Cooking Healthy with Kids!

One of my best memories of when I was young was when I used to cook with her. I remember one time she was a little upset, but she still wanted to do a little baking. My brother Rob Batot, my mother and I made up some coconut cloud cookies. But, since she was upset, she forgot to put the mixer together correctly and cookie batter flew all over the kitchen. My brother and I just went around and cleaned up all of the mess, of course by licking it up. Gross, yes, but it is a good funny memory because after that happened, my mother couldn’t help but laugh.

I like to cook and bake with my kids too, but it’s so hard since just when you think you have everything figured out, you find out that this or that is bad for you. Luckily for me I don’t have to worry about one thing when I cook with my kids – seasonings. My brother, Rob, created his own line of low salt seasonings. So, I just have to have those on stand by and everything else comes into place.

Here is our latest creation from last night – baked chicken, steamed broccoli and roasted utternut squash, seasoned with low salt seasonings. My kids were pleased with the results and my husband gobbled it up. I’m happy to have enough leftovers to eat today for lunch. It’s a win for all!

low salt seasonings

One of the things I really try to teach my kids is variety because I’m so bad at it normally. I try to buy different vegetables and use different types of meat so that they are used to eating different things and not the same thing over and over. I’m pretty sure they would be happy to eat mac and cheese every day, but that’s also not going to help them grow up healthy and strong if that is their only food.

I really try to actively get them into recipe selections and engaged in all aspects of cooking, from prepping to cleaning up. Because really who wants to clean up after cooking, not me! We try to clean while we are cooking. Then, when we are done, we don’t have much to do.

St. Patrick’s Day STEM

One of my favorite holidays is St. Patrick’s Day. I think it’s because I love Ireland and I love the color green. It’s also a great holiday in the middle of a span with not much going on, especially when Easter falls in April, like it will for the next few years.

I’d like to show you my new St. Patrick’s Day STEM unit. There are four activities: 2 activities for St. Patrick’s Day, 1 for National Quilting Day and 1 for Johnny Appleseed Day.

Here’s one activity that is sure to amuse your students. They must build a trap for a Leprechaun. You know how sneaky those Leprechauns can be, so they need to think about how to lure them and trick them.

Have you ever heard of National Quilting Day? It falls in March (the third Saturday to be exact) and it’s a great time to use a little duct tape to create their own quilted item. I think it’s a great time to explain what patchwork and quilting is since a lot of students aren’t exposed to these types of crafts.
st. patrick's day stem

I hope you all are having a great school year. If you’d like more information on my March STEM unit, click here.

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Making an infographic

Our son was given an interesting assignment in his chemistry class this week. The teacher asked the students in his class to come up with an interesting scientific question. Our son, who took a course on DNA at Duke Tip, has become interested in DNA and genetics, so he chose to explore whether or not using DNA as a means of storing information is a viable option, or if it will become a viable option as costs for such technology come down in the future.

The interesting part of this chemistry assignment was that the teacher tasked the students with creating an infographic, an interesting way of representing information or data in a visual manner. Infographics are engaging and, when done correctly, are much easier and more fun to read and understand than would be a block of text containing the same information.

So our son created his infographic how he chose, placing what he felt was the most pertinent information in an interesting visual manner. While he created it on the computer, he colored it in himself, which I thought was a nice touch. Here is his completed infographic:

DNA storage infographic

I was quite impressed by this assignment, not only because infographics are interesting and very relevant to the way people present important information on the Internet today, but also because by having students create their own infographics, our son’s chemistry teacher was teaching them a new way to organize and display information and data check out condos for sale downtown san diego. This is a useful skill, as many jobs require presentation and communication skills, and skills with software tools such as Microsoft PowerPoint, Visio, and Publisher. I think that learning the skill of presenting information in a way other than in standard essay format is very useful.