Mining for shapes

Teaching shapes and sizes to your kids

Here’s another fun and easy craft for your students to put together and either paste in their math journals or hang up as a decoration on the wall of the classroom, available here as a free download.

Lately my son has become a big fan of the game Minecraft. Playing Minecraft is a little bit like playing with LEGO bricks on your computer – you have the ability to create anything your little brain can imagine. One of the things my son loves the most about Minecraft is the ability to go exploring in caves and crevices deep underground and finding gold, diamonds, and lapis lazuli. It is a fun and creative outlet for his imagination.

My son’s love of Minecraft inspired me to design this craft. With this activity your kids can go “mining for shapes”. Cut out the gems, the miners, the minecarts and the mining tools, and send your kids deep into the depths of the earth to find shapes of different sizes and colors. Then, fill the minecarts with the precious stones according to the labels written on the cart. If the label reads “triangle”, fill that cart only with triangle-shaped gems. If the label reads “four”, fill the cart with gems that have four sides; squares, trapezoids and diamonds. Then your students can create a “mining scene” to put on the wall of the classroom, or if you’re doing this at home with your kids, why not tack it to the wall or place it on the fridge with magnets?

Math Craft Workshops

If you’re a teacher or parent teaching mathematics to your students or children, why not do it in a fun and creative way? That way, as they grow older, they will retain the notion that they can have fun while doing math Math craft workshops are places where kids can learn left-brained stuff in a right-brained environment.

Math crafts can be completed in a classroom setting, or by kids at home working in their math journals or doing Mathbooking (a creative cross between mathematics and scrapbooking). As they’re cutting, pasting and coloring, they’ll also be adding, subtracting and learning about numbers.

I hope that your kids enjoy this craft! I know my son’s eyes lit up when he saw all of the different colored gems.