Weather math problemsHere’s a free download of a booklet of math problems for your students to solve while learning a little bit about meteorology, the study of weather and Earth’s atmosphere. Mathbooking is a fun activity where learning math meets scrapbooking. Children can use their math journals to learn mathematics through words, numbers and drawing.

In this journal I’ve created a series of five journal prompts, each of which includes a weather-themed math problem for third and fourth grade students (including snow, rain, hail and a TV weatherman) and a factoid about meteorology and the weather. Although I’ve only included a single download, the math journal can be used by teachers, homeschool parents or parents of public or private school kids. Teachers may have to print out a few copies of the booklet as the prompts are quite large and therefore each math question takes up a prompt per page within the book.

I hope your students have fun practicing mathematics and learning about the weather!