Here’s a free download of a booklet of math problems for your students to solve in celebration of April Fools’ Day. Mathbooking is a fun activity where learning math meets scrapbooking. Children can use their math journals to learn mathematics through words, numbers and drawing.

April Fools’ Day is celebrated in many different countries on the first of April of each year. Each April 1st, people bring in the day by playing practical jokes on each other. Some people set up expensive or elaborate hoaxes on April 1st; for example, cars have appeared on flagpoles on top of buildings on this day. On the Internet many websites display fake news articles on April Fools’ Day. Even though most people are aware of April Fools’ Day, many people get caught unawares on the actual day and are fooled by the pranks.

All kidding aside, here’s a math journal full of prompts to give to your children or students to help teach mathematical concepts. Have fun on April Fools’ Day!