France-themed math problemsMathbooking is a fun activity where learning math meets scrapbooking. Children can use their math journals to learn mathematics through words, numbers and drawing.

Here’s a free download of a math journal with France-themed math problems. Teach your children or students a bit about France – about the TGV (Train à Grande Vitesse) high-speed train system, the Eiffel Tower, the tricolore flag, and the French language and culture.

In this journal are five France-themed journal prompts for third and fourth grade students. Each question comes with a factoid about France that your students can read to understand more about France and the French way of life. Have your students cut out the prompts to paste into their math journals, or print out copies of the entire booklet for your students to use to answer the math problems within. Then have them answer the problems, and take the opportunity to have a classroom discussion about life in France!