Teach counting with Mia the Math Magician

Mia the Math Magician

Mia the Math Magician has a special skill – she is a wizard with mathematics!

Counting to 10

This is the first of a series of lessons where Mia the Math Magician will introduce your students or children to mathematics. Use today’s free downloadable worksheets to teach your child how to count to ten. The activities include a primer about counting to ten, a story to read where your child can interact by counting the items Mia sees on her walk fiind solar system repair, and a worksheet that your child can use to practice counting items and writing the number of items counted on the page.

There will be more Mia the Math Magician lessons coming… Mia loves mathematics and would be more than happy to help you teach the students in your classroom all about counting, addition, subtraction, time, and the special power of numbers.