Common Core for KindergartenAre you teaching according to the Common Core State Standards? Wouldn’t it be useful to have a diagram that shows a breakdown of the various Common Core domains for your grade level?

That’s what I thought, so I created some pie charts of the various Common Core domains for the various elementary school grade levels. I’ve started with charts for mathematics, but will also post the domains for English language arts.

Kindergarten skills learned

In kindergarten, the Common Core teaching focus is on the following sets of skills:

  • Knowing number names and learning to count
  • Beginning addition and subtraction
  • Understanding place value using the numbers 11-19
  • Learning how to measure and placing objects into categories
  • Identifying, describing, and comparing different geometric shapes

Kindergarten Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standard domains for kindergarten mathematics are broken down like so:

  • Counting and Cardinality: 7 standards (32%)
  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 5 standards (23%)
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten: 1 standard (5%)
  • Measurement and Data: 3 standards (14%)
  • Geometry: 6 standards (27%)

The percentages don’t add up to 100, but that’s because I’ve rounded up and rounded down where necessary.

I’ve also indicated the various Common Core skills, according to the Common Core State Standards Initiative, that students will be learning and practicing during their kindergarten year.