I Am a Scientist

A poem about science!

A teacher friend on Facebook was looking for a poem about scientists, particularly with the theme of “I Am a Scientist”. As I’m always happy to whip up a little bit of educational poetry, I put together the poem you will find below. Another teacher friend suggested I throw together a colorful poster and share it in a blog post for other teachers to find and use… and so that’s exactly what I did! You’ll find a PDF download for a poster featuring the poem at the bottom of this page.

I hope that this poster may come in handy in your classrooms, and that the students in your classes will learn to appreciate the fascinating world of science.

I Am a Scientist

I am a scientist. What do I do?
I study the nature of things, old and new.
I take a close look at the things that I see
And make guesses about all the ways they might be.

When I find something neat, sometimes I will ponder,
“Why does that thing behave like that, I wonder?”
I’ll come up with ideas – I’ll take a good guess,
And I’ll call my guess a “hypothesis”.

The next thing I’ll do is conduct a short test
To see what answers my question best.
When I find a result that explains the confusion
I’ll call that answer my “conclusion”.

Next I’ll write down all the things I’ve uncovered
Then share with the world those neat things I’ve discovered.
And I’ll say to myself when my hard work is done,
“Science is interesting, useful, and fun!”