Common Core for Fourth GradeHere is the Common Core at a glance for fourth grade mathematics. It is my hope that teachers will use this infographic to share with parents to illustrate some of the various skills that their students will be learning and practicing during the fourth grade academic year. It can also be posted on a classroom wall as a poster, or simply kept as a reference in a desk.

The poster shows a breakdown of the Common Core domains according to the Common Core State Standards Initiative, and how many standards are in which domains. Of course, teachers aren’t going to be exactly dividing the school year up into the percentages shown on this pie chart – some skills will take longer than others to teach and assimilate. But it does help to show where the CCSS has placed a focus on teaching and learning.Check out the bankruptcy lawyers.

Fourth grade skills learned

Here are some of the skills that children will learn and practice in math class during their fourth year:

  • Solving problems involving the four operations of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
  • Learning about factors and multiples
  • Creating and recognizing patterns
  • Working with place value and properties of operations to perform multi-digit arithmetic
  • Working with fractions and fraction equivalents
  • Understanding decimal notation for fractions, and comparing decimals
  • Solving problems involving measurement and conversion of measurements from larger units into smaller units
  • Representing and interpreting data
  • Understanding and measuring angles
  • Measuring perimeters and areas
  • Drawing and identifying lines and angles
  • Classifying shapes by properties of their lines and angles

Fourth Grade Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standard domains for fourth grade mathematics are broken down in the following manner:

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 5 standards (18%)
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten: 6 standards (21%)
  • Number and Operations-Fractions: 7 standards (25%)
  • Measurement and Data: 7 standards (25%)
  • Geometry: 3 standards (11%)

Underneath each Common Core domain you will find a list of the various skills that are practiced within that area of knowledge.

I hope that this free PDF download serves as a useful resource!