Common Core for First GradeHere is the first grade version of the Common Core Breakdown for mathematics. I’ve taken the various Common Core domains from the Common Core State Standards Initiative and broken them down using pie charts. I’m hoping that this free PDF can serve as a useful resources for teachers who are discussing the skills that they are going to teach their children math during the first grade academic year.

First grade skills learned

The Common Core teaching focus for first grade mathematics is on students learning the following skills:

  • Using counting as a strategy for solving problems
  • Understanding place value
  • Addition and subtraction within 20
  • Properties of operations
  • Measuring lengths
  • Telling and writing time
  • Understanding geometric shapes and their attributes

First Grade Common Core Standards

The Common Core State Standard domains for first grade mathematics are broken down like so:

  • Operations and Algebraic Thinking: 8 standards (38%)
  • Number and Operations in Base Ten: 6 standards (29%)
  • Measurement and Data: 4 standards (19%)
  • Geometry: 3 standards (14%)

As with the kindergarten version, the percentages on the first grade chart add up to 99% and not 100%; this is because of the way the numbers ended up rounding. I thought it would look nicer not to use decimals on the chart (plus, that Common Core skill isn’t learned ’til a later grade)!

On the chart, I have also indicated the Common Core skills that the Common Core State Standards Initiative indicates that teachers should be teaching their first graders.

If you’re teaching first grade this year, I hope you are having an excellent year with your students!