Counting at the Circus

Mia the Math Magician

Mia the Math Magician has a special skill – she is a wizard with mathematics!

Learning to count to 20

Here’s a free connect-the-dots worksheet featuring Mia the Math Magician. Have your children or students complete this activity, answer the simple question (what have they drawn after connecting the dots?) and then they can color the picture in with colored pencils or crayons.

It’s not hard to count to 20 using this worksheet – the numbers are in a clear progression from 1 to 20. Feel free to help your child while he or she is learning to count the sequence of numbers.

Speaking the numbers aloud

As your child is counting to 20 using the connect-the-dots, have them speak the numbers aloud while they are counting from dot to dot. That will help him or her to memorize the numbers and get the sequence of numbers into his or her head.