Count to 100 with Mia the Math Magician

Mia the Math Magician

Mia the Math Magician has a special skill – she is a wizard with mathematics!

Counting to 100

Here are two free worksheets that you can do with your children or students to practice counting to one hundred.

The numbers from 1 to 100

The first activity is a simple chart with numbers from 1 to 100. Your child can simply read the words, and understand how the numbers are grouped into tens… with a “0 to 9” for all of the numbers in the group of 10. If you’re using this worksheet in a classroom setting, you can have individual students read the numbers in each group of 10.

There is a challenge activity on this page – have your children or students count by twos on the same worksheet. If they color in every second box yellow (the 2, the 4, the 6, the 8, and so on) they will be able to use the yellow numbers as a guide to count by 2 all the way up to 100.

To fulfill the Kindergarten Common Core standard for counting to 100, you can also practice counting by tens. The same method can be used in this case – color each tenth number in orange – 10, 20, 30, 40, and so on – and then have your students count by 10 all the way to 100.

Counting fill-in-the-blanks

The second activity is a fill-in-the-blanks worksheet for numbers from 1 to 100. Some of the numbers are missing… have your children or students fill out the missing numbers on the worksheet.

Kindergarten Common Core Standards for Mathematics

This lesson falls under standard K.CC.1 for kindergarten common core mathematics skills:

Count to 100 by ones and by tens.