Common Core Lesson Review SheetHere’s a free tool for you to use to review, organize, and categorize your lessons by Common Core standard. I know that I’m looking forward to using it myself!

Reviewing your Common Core lessons

With this tool, you can keep a record of which lessons, activities, worksheets, or chapters that you have used with your class, and which ones were the most effective. These will help you to record and categorize the work that you’ve completed with your students during the school year, and can help jog your memory when re-teaching the activities in later semesters or academic years.

Here are the fields you will find on the sheet, and how to fill them out:

Activity: The name of the worksheet or activity that you completed with your class.

Rating: A rating, out of five, that you can give the activity. This will help you to pick out the most effective lessons and activities for next time.

Common Core skills reviewed: Which Common Core State Standards were practiced during the lesson or activity. For example, 1.OA.2, 3.L.4, and so on.

Date: The date that you did the activity or worksheet with your class.

Duration: How long it took to complete the activity.

Source: Where you found the activity. For example, if it was found on a web page, put the URL of the web page so that you can find it again. Or if it was found at a TPT or TN store, put the seller’s name in the box, or the URL where you found the activity on the site. Similarly, if it was a handout or an activity from a textbook or workbook, you can indicate that here.

Notes / Suggestions for next use: Any notes or observations from using the worksheet in your class, or suggestions for ways to make your activity more effective or more engaging for the next time or times that you use it in your classroom.

I hope that you find this worksheet useful! Meanwhile, if you have any suggestions for the worksheet – for example, extra fields or information that you would find useful on the sheet – please feel free to leave a comment and let me know. You can download the reviewing tool in PDF format here:

Quick Common Core Literacy bundles

If you’re looking for Common Core-aligned English language arts activities to use with your students, we have released bundles of our Quick Common Core literacy packets. These feature a wide variety of different Common Core worksheets for reading and English language arts that you can provide to your students as practice sheets, warm-up work, or homework assignments. They are all available at our Teachers Pay Teachers store; there are also Quick Common Core Math bundles that you will find on that site. Here are the packets, from kindergarten to fifth grade:

Quick Common Core Literacy Bundle for Kindergarten


Common Core standards: K.L.1, K.L.2, K.L,3, K.L.4, K.L,5, K.L.6

Quick Common Core Literacy Bundle for First Grade

First Grade

Common Core standards: 1.L.1, 1.L.2, 1.L.3, 1.L.4, 1.L.5 1.L.6

Quick Common Core Literacy Bundle for Second Grade

Second Grade

Common Core standards: 2.L.1, 2.L.2, 2.L.3, 2.L.4, 2.L.5 2.L.6

Quick Common Core Literacy Bundle for Third Grade

Third Grade

Common Core standards: 3.L.1, 3.L.2, 3.L.3, 3.L.4 3.L.5, 3.L.6

Quick Common Core Literacy Bundle for Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

Common Core standards: 4.L.1, 4.L.2, 4.L.3, 4.L.4 4.L.5, 4.L.6

Quick Common Core Literacy Bundle for Fifth Grade

Fifth Grade

Common Core standards: 5.L.1, 5.L.2, 5.L.3, 5.L.4, 5.L.5, 5.L.6

All the best with your Common Core teaching and assessments, and with reviewing and categorizing your Common Core-aligned lessons and activities!