Computer rules poster

Using the class computer

If you’ve got computers in your classroom, when you’re teaching your students how to use them, you’re also going to want to teach your students how to respect them. Computers are sturdy machines, but the right sort of abuse – soda spilled on the keyboard, or too much banging on the keyboard or mouse – can destroy the hardware. You’re also going to want to teach the kids in your class when they can use the computers and what they’re allowed to do while using them.


Here is a free, colorful poster that you can display on your classroom wall or bulletin board behind your computer corner or center. The poster shares five important classroom rules using the slogan, “stay SHARP!”

The acronym SHARP stands for:

  • Share the computer (let everyone have a turn)
  • Help other classmates (not everyone is computer savvy)
  • Stay Alert when surfing the net (only go to permitted web sites)
  • Respect the computer (no eating or drinking allowed)
  • Get Permission to use the machine (don’t use it without asking first)

I hope that you find that this poster comes in handy when it comes to teaching your students the dos and don’ts of proper computer usage! If you have any other rules or guidelines that you instruct your students to follow when they’re using your school’s computers, please let me know!