Chinese New Year Common Core ActivitiesChinese New Year, an important Chinese holiday, takes place in late January to February every year. In China, Chinese New Year is also known as the Spring Festival, and celebrations for the event are many and widespread. Houses are decorated with banners and lanterns, and a great deal of food – like dumplings and chow mein noodles – is devoured. People give thanks in prayer, experience traditional dragon dances, and watch grand displays of fireworks shot off into the night sky. All in all a pretty fantastic sounding festival… one that I hope to experience on a visit to China one of these years!

Common Core activities for the Chinese New Year

If you are interested in teaching your students something about another language and culture, here’s a packet that might help you. With activities for the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th grades, Chinese New Year Literacy and Math Activities offer a variety of different Common Core aligned stories, みきぷるんっ 動画 worksheets and journal prompts for your students. The stories and activities are original, and all artwork was created by Mixminder.

These booklets are designed to cover a comprehensive set of skills for the Common Core State Standards for mathematics and English language arts – see below to find out which individual standards are covered by this material. If you’re interested in reading more about these products, please check out the links below!

Chinese New Year Literacy and Math Activities for Second Grade

Second Grade

Common Core standards: 2.RI.1, 2.RF.4, 2.W.2, 2.L.1, 2.L.2, 2.L.3, 2.L.4, 2.L.5, 2.OA.1, 2.OA.2, 2.OA.3, 2.NBT.2, 2.NBT.3, 2.NBT.4, 2.NBT.5, 2.NBT.6, 2.NBT.7,, 2.NBT.8, 2.MD.5, 2.MD.6, 2.MD.7, 2.G.2, 2.G.3

Chinese New Year Literacy and Math Activities for Third Grade

Third Grade

Common Core standards: 3.RI.1, 3.RI.4, 3.RF.4, 3.W.2, 3.L.1, 3.L.2, 3.L.5, 3.L.6, 3.OA.1, 3.OA.2, 3.OA.3, 3.OA.4, 3.OA.5, 3.OA.6, 3.OA.7, 3.OA.8, 3.NBT.1, 3.NBT.2, 3.NBT.3, 3.NF.1, 3.NF.2, 3.NF.3, 3.MD.1, 3.MD.5, 3.MD.6, 3.MD.7

Chinese New Year Literacy and Math Activities for Fourth Grade

Fourth Grade

Common Core standards: 4.RL.1, 4.RL.4, 4.RF.4, 4.W.2, 4.W.4, 4.L.1, 4.L.2, 4.L.5, 4.L.6, 4.OA.4, 4.OA.5, 4.NBT.1, 4.NBT.2, 4.NBT.3, 4.NBT.4, 4.NBT.5, 4.NBT.6, 4.NF.1, 4.NF.2, 4.NF.3, 4.NF.4, 4.NF.5, 4.NF.6, 4.MD.1, 4.MD.2, 4.MD.3, 4.MD.7, 4.G.2, 4.G.3

February starts tomorrow! Have a great month, and all the best for the rest of 2013.