The objective of this lesson is to teach your children or students to recognize and create different patterns.


At the end of the lesson your child will be able to recognize and complete a simple pattern. Patterns can be created by hand (using shapes), but can also occur in nature.

Download the basic patterns worksheet

Time requirement

20 minutes.

Grade level

Pre-kindergarten and kindergarten.

Introductory activity

What you will need:

  • Construction paper in a few different colors
  • A pair of scissors

What to do:

  1. Cut out two different shapes of two different colors, then cut out three or four more instances of each of the two colored shapes. For example, you might cut out four red circles and four blue squares.
  2. Create your own pattern using the colorful shapes you have just cut out.
  3. Show your child the pattern you have made. Explain to your child what a pattern is – a repeating sequence of familiar shapes, objects, or even sounds.
  4. Remove half of the pattern and have your child finish the pattern.


If your child has grasped the concept of patterns, create a more complicated pattern by creating more shapes of different colors colors cut out of construction paper. You can also go outside and find ways to make patterns out of nature – for example, you could make a repetitive rock, leaf, twig, rock, leaf, twig pattern using items you find outside on the ground.

Reinforcement activity

Print out the attached basic patterns worksheet. Ask your child to complete the worksheet by themselves. Feel free to help your child if he or she gets stuck or asks any questions.


In order to see if your child has achieved the goal of this lesson, take a blank piece of paper and draw this pattern upon it: O, X, O, X. Ask them what comes next, and to continue the pattern for several more iterations of symbols.