Back to school

Now that it’s the middle of August, with September and the fall season not too far away, kids in many countries all over the world are getting ready to head back to the classroom to make a start on a fresh school year. Teachers are getting their classrooms ready for their new arrivals… one teacher friend of ours has decorated her classroom with an outer space theme for her kids to enjoy throughout the next semester… another friend has covered her classroom walls with wild polka-dot art!

Here is a free word scramble puzzle for you to download and print for your children or students to complete upon arrival back at school. Your students should unscramble the various words on the page – all of the words in the puzzle are back-to-school-themed – and then enter the letters that they find in the numbered cells in each word into the similarly numbered cells at the bottom of the worksheet. When they have finished filling in the numbered boxes, they will have discovered the hidden message that is the solution to the word puzzle. When your children have finished solving the puzzle, they can check their answers against the answer sheet that is included as the second page of the PDF download.

Are your students excited about being back at school, with new clothes, new school supplies and new friends to meet?