My newest country unit is about Panama. I think Panama is a wonderful country full of flora and fauna and interesting facts! One interesting fact is that students go to school in shifts. There are two shifts each day, so you only have to go to school during one shift. Which would you prefer – the morning shift or the afternoon shift? I think I would prefer to go to school in the morning. I’d love to have the afternoon free to do what I’d like to do.

Students can take what the facts that they learn and write an essay about life in Panama.



There are also three types of puzzles students can do in order to help them practice what they’ve learned in my Panama unit. There is a crossword puzzle, word search and secret mesage puzzle.


As with my other country packets, this one also has crafts that the students can do in order to learn more about Panama. Here’s a doll that they can make. It is a great take-away that they can show their parents what country they are learning about.


If you’d like to learn more about my Panama unit, click here: Panama Country Study