It’s really fun to create and use interactive notebooks. To see students’ light bulbs going on in their heads as they use interactive notebooks is priceless. I first started making interactive notebooks several years ago with math interactive notebooks, then writing, then about 8 months later – reading interactive notebooks.

Reading interactive notebooks are awesome because students can really get into their reading and analysis with their interactive notebooks. These pictures are from my interactive reading notebook for first grade.

interactive reading notebook for 1st grade2

I think the most important thing for interactive notebooks is to have one that is not just cutting and pasting but truly interactive. It’s great to have lots of different reading activities that really engage students.

interactive reading notebook for 1st grade

I think it’s also useful to have interactive activities that students can return to and review before quizzes or state tests.

You’re never too young to use interactive notebooks. I think they are so helpful for all ages! I almost wish there was a life interactive notebook for adults to help us organize our lives. Wishful thinking.

interactive reading notebook for 1st grade3

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