School in UkraineUkraine is a beautiful country that you can teach your students about.  Here are 5 facts about Ukraine that you may not know.

1.  The deepest metro system is in Kyiv.  Can you imagine?  The metro station is 105.5 meters below the city streets. 

2.  Chicken Kyiv wasn’t created in Kyiv.  Some say it was created in France and others say it originated in the Russian Empire.  Either way, I sure do love to eat Chicken Kyiv.

3.  August 24th is their independence day.  In 1991 Ukraine gained its independence from the Soviet Union.

4.  Many people say “the Ukraine,” but since its independence Ukraine decided that they wanted to only be Ukraine.  So, when you write about Ukraine, make sure to leave the article out to respect their culture and independence.

5.  Ukrainian Easter eggs called pysankas are popular in Ukraine, to make and to decorate for Easter.  The eggs are decorated with intricate wax designed, then dyed, then the wax is melted off leaving beautiful masterpieces.

Want to learn more about Ukraine? Check out my activity booklet here.