Have you ever been asked why you chose to become a teacher? I’ve been asked this question a lot! Some people say, if you chose to become something else, you’d be making more money. Sometimes people snicker and say, “Those who can do, those who don’t teach.” I really don’t like that expression. I think when someone chooses to be a teacher it’s almost like a lifestyle choice and not just a job. Teachers shape and form the leaders of tomorrow. Teachers can really make a difference in their students’ lives.

I still remember my favorite teachers. They are my favorite teachers for very different reasons. Mrs. Carroll opened up the world to me in math class by teaching us about different number systems from the past, like cuneiform. Mrs. Watts taught me math for 5 years (8th grade through 12th grade). I remember she admitted to us once that she had to study sometimes at night to make sure she understood what she was teaching. I thought it was so great of her to show us that she was human and needed to study too. Mrs. Rothe taught me that I was talented in art. She actually taught me language arts, but she used to have these seasonal coloring contests. I won many times and I realized I had a knack for art. It’s interesting to think that without these three teachers, I would be very different today.

My mother was a teacher and she used to tell me not to become a teacher because it was a difficult job, but it really made me want to be a teacher even more. I saw how much love she had for her students and for teaching.

Since I’ve been teaching since I was 23 years old, I now have students who are parents and have wonderful careers. It’s so great to see how my students have grown into wonderful adults. I’d be happy if I have touched at least one of my students’ lives like those teachers touched my life.

So, here’s to all of our past teachers and how they changed our lives! Leave a comment and let everyone know why you chose to become a teacher!