Valentine’s Day is Almost Here

Yvonne writes: Valentine’s Day is such a fun time to be a teacher and a mother! There are so many crafting opportunities and of course a good excuse for a party!

This year for my children’s Valentine’s Day cards we decided to have them make cards for all of the students in their classes instead of buying pre-made cards. I thought it would be fun for them, as well as save me some money. I did a search on Google for “Homemade Valentine’s Day cards” for images and my children and I glanced through them in order to come up with some ideas. They decided to make flowers and butterflies and put lollipops on them. I bought the lollipops at a discount store, so this turned out to be a very cheap Valentine’s Day craft.

cutting up Valentine's Day cards

Here’s my son working hard at cutting out some flowers

Here are the finished products. My kids did them all by themselves and they even wrote Happy Valentine’s Day on them in French: Bonne Saint-Valentin!

cutting up Valentine's Day cards

A Valentine’s Day butterfly
cutting up Valentine's Day cards

Some Valentine’s Day flowers
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