Have you wanted to try interactive notebooks, but you feel that it would add too much stress to your life or at least too much work on your part? I have three hints that will help you to use interactive notebooks in your classroom or home.

#1. Use color paper to print off your activities. Part of the fun of interactive notebooks is that they are very colorful, but with colorful comes a lot of coloring. Some coloring is great, but too much gets old in my mind and also limits the time you spend on actually learning the topic. So, print off the pages on colorful paper. If you don’t have any, perhaps you can ask parents for some on your annual wishlist at the beginning of the school year.

destress your interactive notebook adventure2

#2. Have your students do the work as homework. There can be a lot of cutting in interactive notebooks. This could be used as part of their homework. If working with little pieces I suggest sending home some sandwich bags so they can store the pieces in them.

destress your interactive notebook adventure

#3. Pick and choose the activities you use in your interactive notebooks wisely. You don’t need to do every activity in an interactive notebook packet you buy. Try using the ones with less work for you, but still really bring home the practice they are intended for.

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