Mathbooking is a fun activity where learning math meets scrapbooking. Children can use their math journals to learn mathematics through words, numbers and drawing.

A leap year is a year containing an extra day in order to keep the calendar year synchronized with the seasonal year. Without a leap year, over time the calendar year would start to drift, and after a few hundred years months that currently take place in the winter would take place in the summer! In the Gregorian calendar, which we use, leap year takes place every fourth year in the form of an extra day added to the end of February – February 29th.

There are two different download versions of this free leap year math journal. One is for teachers, who can print and cut out as many prompts as they need for their students. Then, each student can paste a prompt into his or her math journal and use words and drawings to work through the problem they’ve been given. Another version is for parents of public, private or homeschooled children. These parents can print out an eBook for each child, and the children can use their eBooks as their own personal math journals. Some prompts may need only a simple answer, while others will require more writing and thinking on the students’ parts. Children should feel free to be as creative as they wish when working in their math journals.

I hope you and your students have fun teaching and learning mathematics!