In today’s world it’s so important to be accepting of other religions as all of those religions are all around us. I know when I grew up, back in Texas, I think every single person went to one of three churches in town and they were all Christian. I don’t think I even knew about other religions besides Judaism before I went to high school. I guess I lived in a little bubble. Today our children go to school with people of other faiths and that’s great! It’s not my place to say which is better or which is right, but I do like to learn about other faiths. I created a packet about Judaism because many people I know didn’t know much about Judaism besides Hanukkah and Dreidels. There is much more to this very old religion.

The Judaism unit starts off with a little pretest to see what students know about Judaism. Then, there is a three page letter from a child’s point of view explaining their religion and life. There are many writing activities like these:

image1 (8)

image2 (3)

My daughter’s favorite parts of the unit were the crafts. Here’s a picture of her with her favorite one.


In this craft students color and label a seder plate in both English and Hebrew.


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