It’s fun to read about a country through the eyes of a child. It’s also fun to read various facts about a particular country. However, it’s even more fun to learn about a country through crafts. Using all of these methods togethers is the ultimate experience and is almost like a type of immersion.

Turkey, to me is an extremely interesting country for the fact that it is in two different continents. It is located in both Asia and in Europe. This makes Turkey unique as it is a blend of so many cultures as well as its own unique culture.


In addition to the above ways to teach about another country, it’s also great to have students write about what they have learned. It helps students to retain information, as well as process what they’ve learned!


Did you know that Tulips originated in Turkey? Maybe you thought they originated in the Netherlands since they are known for growing them. That is one fact that is explained in my This Kid’s Life printables about Turkey!

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