Grammar can be a dull subject for students, but making the lessons interactive actually make the subject really fun and enjoyable. It’s amazing what a little cutting, pasting, fun graphics and folding can do to a lesson. Fourth grade is chock-full of great grammar skills that will set up your students for success in future grade levels!

This activity has students roll a die that they create. The die will land on a Greek or Latin affix or root. Students will then brainstorm words that have that root or affix and paste the words onto this little boy’s thinking hat.

interactive grammar notebook for 4th grade (1)

Modals are useful in English and can be especially difficult for some students to distinguish the difference between should, would, could, etc. This activity gives students the opportunity to practice making sentences with modals about certain topics.

interactive grammar notebook for 4th grade (3)

Another topic of interest is teaching students when they should use informal vs. formal English. In this activity, students can turn the arrow as they decide if a phrase or sentence is formal or informal.

interactive grammar notebook for 4th grade (2)

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