Have you ever wondered how much homework you should give? Should you give math homework every day? Reading homework every other day? Maybe just some on the weekend? I’m a kind of middle of the road person when it comes to home. I think it’s good to have some homework so it can reinforce what students have learned in class, but I’m not big on 2 hours of homework a night. When we lived in France several times my son would have 3 or more hours of homework and he would be in tears. 🙁 I just hated to see him hate school merely becasue of homework. So, I think it’s better to have some, but not too much. Maybe 15 to 30 mins at the most. I also don’t think it has to be every single night.


My homework packets have just enough work to help your students review what they’ve learned in class. I also like them because they have math as well as language arts on one page.


Some teachers like to save paper and when they use my homework packet, they make copies double sided and then cut the paper in half and give half of a piece of a paper for homework.


Here are a few comments about my Homework packet:
“I really love this packet. Fast and easy to check.”
“I love your homework bundles! I already have the 2nd grade one and I’m so excited to use the 3rd grade one this year. They are so versatile! Thanks!”
“Not only great for homework but a quick assessment and exit slip.”
“Quick homework page to supplement regular homework that reviews common core skills. Excellent!”

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