I look forward to this time of year for months. Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas all back to back. It’s so much fun! Students look forward to it even more! Instead of hiding Halloween, use it to help students have even more fun learning. Here are four ways you can add Halloween to your classroom.

#1. Use Halloween-themed printables instead of regular printables. This way students can feel like they are doing something special. It only takes one cute little spider or pumpkin to brighten up a child’s day.


#2. Use Halloween-themed manipulatives when you teach new math skills. You can use mini pumpkins to teach your kindergarteners how to add. Maybe you could use little ghosts to teach your first graders how to subtract. There are endless possibilities.

#3. Allow your students to help you decorate your room for Halloween. If you don’t have enough class time for this, you can send home some coloring sheets or Halloween color by number pages for students to work on at home. Then, you can display them in your classroom.

Halloween color by number 3

#4. Have a little Halloween party if your administration will allow it. You can still keep your party academic by having Halloween centers for math and language arts, instead of just having a lot of food. You can prepare your students ahead of time with the agenda so they will be excited about their Halloween party and know what to expect.